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   Grass Valley Edius Pro 8 SMARTIE Download Torrent   
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Grass Valley Edius Pro 8 Grass Valley Edius Pro 8 SMARTIE Download Torrent

Grass Valley Edius Pro 8

Grass Valley Edius Pro 8

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Grass Valley Edius — the professional software for video processing, television and even film industry is used. It should be noted that this is a big plus for the development of video-real and almost everything is known, also, can handle the job with a video compression without abbreviations. If you are interested, I suggest you download the whole news Grass Valley Edius.

Specifications steps, each of which audio and video, and can also be accessed by the number of conclusions from the work. Upon completion, the program Canopus HQ, the company can record codec. AVCHD, HDV, DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, a list of the official site: Video resolution can be in different formats.

Edius Pro is ideal for you to edit video in real-time working with different video frame rate and resolution. Quality you can use different effects, and change the subject, you can encrypt your personal time. Quick titler benefits, I realized, then, will offer the opportunity to work with real-time subtitles. It is a multi-camera, 8 run from different sources at the same time.

Now, a curious work, you have a Intel Core 2 or Core IX, AMD processors with a clock speed of 3 GHz in this case, a set of instructions SSE2 and SSE3 support, so the program does all the work. At least 1 GB of RAM, and the program should be preferably 4 GB hard drives 6, OS X64 only! I know that version 8, but the 8th version of drugs is very happy, make sure to keep adding.
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Development: Grass Valley USA, LLC

License: Shareware


OS: Windows 7 64 and above

How to install:

1 I have to uninstall the installed EDIUS

2. Remove Grass Valley Edius and all computer

3 Ediys erase the record and Grass Valley (with this)

4 computer

5 Restart the computer installed Edius 7xx

6. Copy and shift to improve EDIUS, to restart the computer again

7 install Edius loader (GV was established that the license manager must be changed, and it is not)

8 cancel the original EDIUS 7 desktop icon, icons 6xx loader

9. Click on the icon Edius 7 Loader

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